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What are Nicotine Salts and why do they appeal to current smokers?

Posted by Rosie Vape Motion on


Unlike traditional freebase nicotine found in cigarettes and traditional vape juice brands, nicotine salt (Nic Salt) it is not chemically bonded to anything else making it more volatile and easily vaporised. Some vapers report that conventional nicotine doesn’t seem to pack the same punch as its nic salt counterpart, and offers a smoother, more intensely satisfying nicotine delivery. The key ingredient in nicotine salt is benzoic acid which lowers the pH creating a less harsh throat hit that allows the user to vape higher nicotine concentrates without the harsh throat hit and the device overheating.

For customers looking to quit smoking or swap from a larger mod device to a more discreet pod style nicotine delivery device, we recommend NanoSTIX and NanoPODS

NanoSTIX, a closed system pod device, uses nicotine salt (protonated nicotine) that exists in natural leaf-based tobacco for its key ingredient, rather than the traditional free-base nicotine.

Unlike freebase (normal) nicotine, nic salt also appears to have little or no effect on the flavour of a vape which means that flavoured e-liquid pods (NanoPODS) provide a much richer, flavourful vaping experience.  These NanoPODs are available in range of the already popular Fantasi flavours, such as:

As well as their own range of flavours:

NanoSTIX have been developed with the sole purpose of appealing to current adult smokers and have focussed their efforts on mimicking and even improving on the satisfaction that traditional cigarettes bring.

If you're thinking of trying nic salts or a pod system for the first time we would recommend the NanoSTIX Starter Pack that includes a NanoSTIX Device and pack of 3 flavoured NanoPODs of your choice.

You may want to consider nicotine salt if: 

  • You are a current smoking looking for an alternative to smoking
  • You have tried vaping and it wasn't right for you (perhaps the throat hit was too harsh) 
  • You are looking to vape a higher nicotine level than what you can achieve in a typical vape device
  • You have tried vaping but find it too messy and complicated 

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