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We are VapeMotion

From The Beginning

Vapemotion was founded in September 2015. The vaping industry at the time was in its infancy and the quality of juices available were very low. Lack of regulation meant it was difficult for customers to know where and who they should buy from. Our founder noticed a gap in the market for quality juice that could help customers, just like him, find a healthy alternative to smoking. He began sourcing new products from America and Canada that was completely new to the UK market and the response was phenomenal.

Moving On Up

From here, he started selling directly to the local community and through Instagram, quickly making a name for Vapemotion in the local area. In April 2016, Vapemotion opened their first small store for locals to source the newest and highest quality compliant juices on the market. The knowledgeable in store staff helped not only educate customers on the advantages of vaping but also assisted in building the unrivalled flavour profiles Vapemotion prides itself on.
The Vapemotion store quickly became the only place to go to source the latest vaping tech and flavour profiles available on the UK market, first! By October 2016, the distribution side of the business had grown so much, he enlisted the help of an old school friend and the team expanded further. Since then the wholesale and retail businesses have experienced growth that has allowed us to launch our brand new online store allowing International access to our highly sought-after products.

Our Products

Here at Vapemotion we are always on the lookout ready to bring the latest juices and vaping tech to the UK market first. We believe better flavour can help you quit smoking and begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. From die hard favourites to fresh and innovative new flavour profiles, our sales team are constantly on the hunt for the next big juice flavours on the vape market and make sure they bring it to you first! We are at the forefront of vaping technology and due to our international networking ties, we are always the first to hear about new innovative tech we can look to bring to market in the UK. Appealing to serious sub-ohm vapers, cloud chasers, to e-cig beginners; we have the right products to cater to your vaping needs.

Quality & Compliance

We ensure that our buying team only source liquids, tech and accessories that are 100% TPD compliant, meaning that they meet all the safety and quality standards required by law. As part of our core business ethics and values, it is absolutely essential that we comply by these laws and therefore everything available on site can be trusted.

An Alternative To Smoking

Here at Vapemotion, we will develop all of our products with the aim to create the best alternative to smoking, in order to empower our customers to live a healthier lifestyle. Public Health England recently advised that research has proven that vaping is around 95% safer than smoking. This, along with being a significantly cheaper option to smoking cigarettes is a great reason to try vaping today.

The Vapemotion Family

Listening to our customers is what has allowed Vapemotion to experience such incredible growth over the past two years. Our expert customer service team, equipped with in depth knowledge of everything vape, provide you with a personalised and informative experience. We understand that every vaper is different and we aim to cater to all your vaping needs whether you are a brand-new vaper or an experienced pro!

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